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25th May 2015 from TweetCaster

How to tweet for support #KARA COMEBACK with #CUPID
1. Use #KARA and #CUPID after 80
previous characters (because hashtag should in line 2 or 3, line 1 isn't counting)
2. Only use these two hashtags in your tweet
3. Separate the hashtags so they are not like this #KARA #CUPID
4. Use only letters and numbers
5. Do not include any kind of punctuation or symbol (including @)
6. Make sure your account is unlocked
7. Retweet KARA’s official tweets
8. Retweet other tweets with #KARA and #cupid in it. 10 retweets = 1 point. After that 1 point is earned, no more
points can be earned for that original tweet (20 retweets will still only count as 1 point).
9. Do not include links or pictures in your tweets
10. Do not end or start your tweet With #kara and #cupid
11. Example of a good tweet:
Karas 7th mini album in love is a really good Im really glad that they came back cause #KARA and #CUPID is so good

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