Yeah. This moment, We receive over 90% positive feedback from fan community and Philippines gamer community.

I was planning this character since 2008.
The reason "Why she appeared in Tekken" ??

We've a lots of Tekken supporter in all over the world. Philippines is one of them.
The sales of a TEKKEN in Asia is quite small than Europe and North America.
Example: TEKKEN sold over 44 million copies worldwide(only console, without arcade machine). No.1 is Europe (over 22 million copies /44million), No.2 = North America. No.3 = Japan & Oceania area... No.4 = Asia, Middle-east, Africa, and more.

The Philippine console market is very small(Arcade market too).
We can't recoup development costs at the Philippines market.
But, we've many fans in the Philippines from the past.
We knew it.

I visited the Philippines several times in the past and felt a potential from Fighting game community.

And sometime, Access to TEKKEN community site (example TEKKEN FACEBOOK, Official etc...) was often the top from the Philippines.

Josie for the all fighting game community.
But Josie is very special for Philippines gamer community.

If Josie can't get supported in the Philippines, we give her up anytime.
TEKKEN7 arcade board has a network update system. We can change plan and change characters anytime & quickly.


RT@_yaitsuki_ good job on Josie. excited to see her in-game. don't mind people telling you otherwise. thumbs up!

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