I am very concerned that one of the people who seems most publicly involved with the recent Gamergate drama is Pressfarttocontinue (or Mr Fart), a person that has gone out of his way to harass members of Polaris, to the point where my friend Dodger had to publicly respond to his pestering and revealed that he had repeatedly harassed her, tried to speak to her friends and family to get access to her and had accused her of a variety of pretty horrendous things. Her original post is here if you want to read it - http://bit.ly/1DlRzQj - I've had my run-ins with him to. He emailed me and my PR guy essay length diatribes about how there was a huge conspiracy going on within Polaris and that he was being framed. He dedicated unhealthy amounts of time to Polaris related topics and even somehow had information on the disastrous Polaris GAME_JAM a full day before any of it was even published. The most damning thing that I found out about him was that he was bragging that he could have released my IP address and physical location to the public if he wanted to, since he had supposedly setup various "honeypots" to draw people in so that he could gather data on them. I saw the IP, it barely even got the state right let alone the town, but in his mind he must have thought that I was the only person that lived in NC and that any IP from there must be me.
He engaged in brigading and rabble rousing against Polaris staff after he was banned from commenting on the main channel. He raised what he called an "army" and instigating spamming efforts and harassment, demanding he be "freed".
I do not like using my influence to denounce anybody. I have a ridiculous number of followers and anything negative I say about anything will have consequences. However, in this case I feel I need to denounce this person for his behavior. I had advised him in the past, if he truly believed that he had been wronged and his reputation ruined, to simply abandon his account and start over. He angrily insisted that his brand had value and that he would do no such thing. I was patient, as much as I could be, but the emails kept on coming and once Dodger had made her statement I decided not to have any contact with this person.
Long story short, one of the self-appointed figureheads of this thing engaged in legitimate harassment against various members of Polaris, including me. His recent attempts to ingratiate himself with me are in my view purely self-serving and I want people to be fully aware of this very recent behavior and my negative interactions with him and also to be extremely wary of his obsessive nature. This is a person I genuinely believe needs real help. I pity him, but I also know what he is capable of. I hope he gets the opportunity for self-reflection and changes himself for the better.