[TRANS] 141005 #Keystagram: To the many people who have been taking care of my team and I, hello this is Key. I don't know how to deliver my words but.. I wasn't able to participate in our Japan schedule on the 24th because of a personal circumstance. On the 23rd, my grandmother passed away. As she is the person who raised me up and gave me lots of love, my heart is still trying to come to terms with the fact and I don't realise she's no longer here. However I felt it wasn't right to announce this beforehand through the company and leave the two big concerts SMTOWN and the 1st concert of our Japan tour so I am only saying this now. I believe my grandmother in heaven is watching the hardworking side of me and I will do my best for the remaining tours. Everyone please continue to give us lots of support and I will meet you with a smile! Thank you.


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