Seems to be some rumour and speculation regarding the Vanishing of Ethan Carter stream I'm doing on the GOG channel tomorrow. So part of the Axiom sponsorship agreement is that once a month I do a short stream on the GoG livestream channel to help build up their viewership, since they want to produce more live media. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter stream is with a very limited preview build, it's designed purely as a research stream/blind LP. GoG is not directly paying me for it (it's a term of the monthly sponsorship agreement in which a lump sum is paid to Axiom eSports) and the developer of Ethan Carter (Which is not GoG or CDProjekt) has no involvement with me or my team. They want to produce interesting livestream content and they're asking me to do a little bit of it. It won't go up on my channel in any form. Now where it would be crossing the line in my opinion is if I was playing a game they made. As a result of that I'm recusing myself of any coverage/WTF is of The Witcher 3 on my channel due to conflict of interest. GoG are a necessary sponsor for Axiom, without them the team would certainly have shut down this year. I'm glad that I'm working closer with a company that I've supported publicly and vocally since 2008 but I'm also keenly aware of any perceived bias or impropriety that could arise from it. As a result I will continue my policy of full transparency and informing my audience so they can make reasonable decisions. The idea that a content creator and retailer can't partner or there might be a conflict of interest doesn't seem to hold water in the games industry. Eurogamer for instance created its own digital distribution platform, plenty of Youtubers have partnerships with various digital distributors. If you do not believe this is ok though, you are free of course not to watch my content. I believe in informed consumers making informed decisions. Thanks for reading.