So let me deal with this complete nonsense.
During the podcast there was a short conversation involving Larry supposedly not being allowed to create content about Guns of Icarus. This was an obvious miscommunication. Polaris doesn't tell people what games they can and can't cover and Guns of Icarus has blanket permission to create monetized content -
Larry was not invited to participate in the Rumble Zone because they were looking for channels of a certain size to play.
We removed the discussion from the podcast VoD because the overwhelming opinion of the live audience was that the conversation was awkward, confusing and served no practical purpose. The segment itself was less than 2 minutes in length and I was the one who asked for it to be removed, at Larrys behest who also felt that it had come off badly. Polaris had nothing to do with the decision. Now, onto the accusation being levelled at the show.

"I didn't like this particular show, at least the Youtube version. Too many edits in it"
There was only one edit.

"Too many edits in it which raises questions about TB's transparency on a certain game called Guns of Icarus. Apparently he is only honest about some developers and their backroom deals."
This accusation has no grounds. I have been completely transparent from the outset about my participation in Guns of Icarus branded content deals. I fully disclosed every deal and complied with FTC regulations. I went above and beyond to tell people that the content was of a promotional nature and it should be noted that all my GoI content came out well after my initial assessment of the game in WTF is? There is nothing "backroom" about this deal.

"Paid sponsorships is the exact reason IGN and others became rotten to the core and their reviews worthless and it's sad to see TB going down this same path. And then on top of that, trying to hide the truth by cutting out key info from the podcasts."
What truth exactly is being hidden here? That we participated in a promotional brand deal? That wasn't hidden, that was front and center and still is. It's fully disclosed. Larry was not prohibited from creating Guns of Icarus content, nobody is, there is blanket permission to create monetized content on Youtube of that game. Larry was not invited to the promotion due to the size of his channel. It's as simple as that. There is no undisclosed deal going on.

"Anyone else notice the gang looking uncomfortable and dodging the subject completely when Larry brought up the Guns of Icarus fiasco? Yeah, you won't see that on this whitewashed podcast."
Yeah you won't see it because it was shit and a complete waste of your time.

"This podcast is a waste of time to watch, in other words. Watch the uncut version!"
Or don't do that, since it's 2 minutes of your life you will never get back. There was nothing useful, insightful or entertaining about that conversation. It should never have happened on the show in the first place.

"cutting it out will cause more drama. it signals that polaris doesn't want its viewers to see this, that they were embarrassed by it. it reveals their own intentions and confirms suspicions about what Larry was saying. retroactive censorship fuels witch hunts."
This is baseless paranoia. It's in the Twitch VoD, it's not being actively hidden. You can go and watch it right now. Feel free in fact, then come back and tell me it was somehow a worthwhile discussion and wasn't awkward and pointless. I don't want my viewers to see this because it was a shitty conversation. Are you going to complain about my "censorship" of Underbelly too?

"Not touching these kind of topics turns the podcast into a hugbox though with everyone agreeing with each other. Every discussion benefits from and actually lives by dissenting opinions or slightly more touchy subjects."
What? No it doesn't. There was nothing to disagree over, since none of us at the time had any idea what Larry was referring to. Larry was not providing a dissenting opinion. He was not expressing his dislike for Guns of Icarus. There was not interesting discussion to be had there. Trying to have a discussion over a miscommunication that 3/4 of the hosts had no information about serves no practical purpose.

Storm in a bloody teacup is how I would describe this whole incident. I'm off to the hospital, try not to witchhunt anybody else while I'm gone ok?