Jarkko Rahja · @spargoCS

28th Mar 2023 from TwitLonger

Taking a longer break from competitive CS

Today im announcing my break from competitive cs, its time for me to try something else in life. I made this decision because of mental health and stress from competing, also this was the first time i didn't feel the desire to start grinding cs again and join another team.

I want to say a couple of words from my time in HAVU, since i haven't talked about it publicly.
I wasn't anywhere near "satisfied" with my performance there, i put a lot of pressure on myself to perform better which led to me performing worse, also did a dumb mistake reading shit from social media.

Sadly im not sure yet if i will ever come back to playing full-time cs. Feels bad to think about it, cause it was my passion for long time and my childhood dream was competing professionally in any kind of sports.
I will still be playing for fun and you will probably see me attending some open quals with mix teams etc.

Since im not sure about my future, thank you everyone who has been supporting me along my career, and most importantly thanks to every teammate and organization member i got to know these last 6 years, made some great memories over time ❤️

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