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24th Jan 2023 from TwitLonger

LFT as coach or IGL

Didn't think I'd have to make this post, but the org has decided to let the team go & start fresh. There were a ton of really unfortunate circumstances during Split 1 that were simply out of our control & ultimately lead to our poor performance as a team. I personally felt I dedicated a lot of time, effort and research to the success of the team, and it really hurts knowing we won't have a chance to demonstrate this going into Split 2. There were flashes of brilliance throughout my time at SEN but it simply wasn't enough. Despite these things, I take full responsibility for the performance of the team & no blame should be put on Senoxe or Crust.

Moving forward, I am looking for another coaching opportunity or player role as an IGL. I know I will provide a lot of value to a team, whether it is as a coach or as an IGL. I am eager to win & I am ready to make it happen. If you are interested, let's have a talk.

Thank you to the SEN fans for being a great and incredibly funny group of people. Love you guys & sorry to let you down.

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