18th Jan 2023 from TwitLonger

Been wanting to get this off my chest, forearm/hand injury

This is something I’ve wanted to get off my chest for a long time and help motivate other people in the community as qualifiers/challengers can brutal. Only my teammates and former teammates have known about this because I don’t take pity or make excuses for myself. 5 years ago I was a mechanical star. An up-comer in cs-go, a freak accident happened and I cut open every single muscle, and nerve in my forearm connecting to my hand. I couldn’t feel a single thing from my hand up to my elbow. The doctor’s said I probably wont be able to live a normal life or regain the feeling in my palm and finger tips ever again. My arm was casted for 10 months and I couldn’t move a thing even after. I was depressed but went to physical therapy every single fucking day for 2 years until I could move it again, but, still couldn’t feel a thing.

As the years passed, I slowly regained the senses in forearms back and the top of my hand, but not in my palms or fingertips which is the most important for gaming and movement. Never gave up, I realized that I can still play, but now have to trust what I see, and use spatial cognitive ability/senses to even press down my keys. Anyone who plays a high level of Valorant or CSGO understands that even 1 millisecond of hesitation means your death, one mis-click or mis-input can cost an entire round or game even. Nobody will ever understand this difficulty as I'm probably the first pro player that cannot feel his keyboard hand. I am only 70% of the mechanical player I used to be, never gave up and said there are other ways to go pro.

Here I am, seeing Valorant come out and put my all into it. Picked up IGLing myself to make up for my hand. Had no guidance and led RISE and FaZe to top 4 in NA. Today marks the day that i can feel the slightest feeling in my fingertips and im so damn happy. I’ve sacrificed a lot to get where I am and it was worth every second of it.

TLDR; never fucking give up on anything you love to do, truly believe it and you will be able to.

That being said, FaZe is coming to win Ascension, good luck 🙂

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