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11th Jan 2023 from TwitLonger


I'm done with apex. I've been lying to my self for awhile saying I want to grind and that I enjoy the game, but in reality I just cannot seem to enjoy it- let alone play the game for more than 2 hours at a time. This on top of the legal issues I've had in this game I'm just over it at this point. I thought that creating a new team and grinding back to where I used to be would spark something, but it just didn't. I'd feel bad to half-ass grind with Osivien and our third to just do mediocre, I'd rather just give him the spot and let him pick up two players that want to grind with him. I'm tired of competitive BR, and apex competitive has felt like a side job compared to streaming for the longest time which sucks imo. The next game I play professionally (assuming I'm still playing) will most likely will not be a BR.

From grinding as a complete random at the start of the game with nafen, to playing on a stage in front of thousands of people, it's been surreal and I have no regrets. I'll still be around here and there in streams and stuff, but yeah no more apex for me.

Thank you to everyone that has supported me through the years, it means the world <3

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