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7th Jan 2023 from TwitLonger

TJExclusives Cerapad KIN Thoughts and Review

I would like to preface this by saying that the very kind people at TJExclusives did send this pad over for review.

Early Opinions: The KIN (I got the Iridium) came in a very nice box with the TJXEclusives branding on the exterior. The first time I put my mouse on the pad, it felt very odd. The best way I could explain it was like putting a glove on ice and sliding it around. It took a little bit of force to start moving, but once it was going it just kept going. I had never felt another pad like it. The feeling was pleasant and very controllable. Before breaking it in, I had a difficult time doing micro flicks from a still position, as it took a bit to get the mouse from completely stopped to sliding.

After some time: About a week or two into using the pad, that one gripe I had pretty much resolved itself. There was still more than enough stopping power in order to control the mouse accurately, yet still more than fast enough for everything else. I was able to consistently beat some scenario high scores on Kovaaks that I was struggling with on my main cloth pad (Hayate Otsu). It was around this time that I stopped using a sleeve. From my experience with this pad, I have not needed a sleeve at all. This is unlike any other hard pad I have tried in that way, which is a very good thing to think about if considering purchasing this product.

Conclusion/Final thoughts: The Cerapad KIN is a very unique pad that fits into the market perfectly for people looking for something specific. High end build quality, new materials, very clean visual look, and a feel that no other mousepad can match. Stopping power is the big idea here. The pad feels very fast and extremely controllable which is something I have not felt from any other product in this way. I highly recommend considering this product if you are searching for something different, and the description I have given matches what you might be interested in.

I am very pleased with TJExclusives, and look forward to seeing what they have planned for the future. Thank you!

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