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3rd Jan 2023 from TwitLonger

I’m sorry.

There is no easy way to deliver this news and this is by far one of the toughest messages I’ve ever had to deliver in my life.

Over the last year I got incredibly addicted to gambling. Every dollar I could find I would put into Stake in hopes of winning big. Even when the big wins did happen it wasn’t enough. Eventually I lost everything. In addition to my own life savings, I also irresponsibly used investor funds to try and “get my money back” from the casino which was wrong for so many reasons.

To all of my friends, family and everyone who believed in me.. I’m so deeply sorry. There aren’t words to describe the level of shame & guilt I feel. I can no longer live in this dark world and this is my attempt to break free.

I am now completely broke both financially and spiritually. My sense of trust in myself is compromised.

I’m working with a help group to start the path to recovery.

I will create a separate tweet which will have next steps for each projects I was involved with including CLU, Xenia, Gridcraft & Goobers.

I am sorry that I betrayed your trust.
I am sorry that I did not live up to my values of integrity.
I am sorry that I let you all down.
I am sorry.

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