It’s this time of the year!

Hello my dear friends and haters ✋. NAVI and I decided to part aways for 2023. The truth is that I've never had a long term contract with them and I believe that makes me the longest stand-in of them all! 😂
The experience that I've got from this time together is unbelievable.
I would have never imagined how fast I could learn in and out of the game. I now understand and have proper vision on how things should work as well as the best ways to make a great team.
I’m thankful for everything that we achieved and I wish them all the best in the world, and peace for all of us.

So, now I’m looking for new home where I can bring what I've learned, and where we can put it all together and bring back trophies!

I'm going to be taking few weeks off with my family, and I'll get back to grind FPL with streams (fixing electricity cause of our terrorist neighbour called russia).

As always, I'm highly motivated. I can travel to bootcamps and tournaments, there's no problem with that.
Also, I will try to do “talking” videos with you guys for my YouTube channel so I can make things clearer.
Finally, I don’t have any buyout at all, so contact
Information is in tweet❤️

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