If you want the whole account, here it is.

rich and i had a very up and down/on and off friendship and relationship for 4 years that started towards the end of his career on the call of duty desk. our physical relationship started in columbus, ohio in 2019 and was a disaster from there. without going into extensive detail, because that’s what would be required to explain it. there were several times during the 4 years that he made it clear he only viewed me as a sexual object, but when i would confront him about it i would get lovebombed and gaslit into thinking that he cared about me and wanted to be with me. this would happen during the single periods of my life as anytime i would be in a relationship and he would text or call me i would tell him i was seeing someone else. after he lied to me about having a girlfriend for an extended amount of time in june of 2021, i didn’t speak to him or see him until he called me asking to apologize around the end of july/beginning of august. i always had a deep love for rich as person and friend as the beginning of our friendship he was there for me like not a lot of people are, so i gave him another chance to be friends. he told me he would prove to me that he was working on being a better person and that he wanted to be in my life. then in october he began his typical antics and begged me to come to texas around his sunbathon. i said no because i did not think it was appropriate to stay with him because i did not want to sleep with him and that i did not trust him. he also came
to la in december of 2021 and asked to see me, but mainly was only asking me to come to his hotel, i said no due to the fact that i was not interested in having sex with him. there was not much communication until i was at french restaurant AOC in the upper east side on january 30th of this year with two girl friends. as the night came to an end around 12 am i ubered to rich’s apartment in williamsburg because he asked to see me. we were in the movie theatre in his building and talking and he repeatedly kept attempting to get me to lay on him. i repeatedly said “i’m not here to sleep with you and i do not want that.” at one point in the theatre he said “i think tonight is the last time i’m going to ever see you”. after trying to speak to him for an hour about our relationship and the awful way he treated me, he just continued to deflect and said there’s no reason to talk about it because it makes him feel bad. he said that we couldn’t stay in that room and needed to go up to his apartment per the apartment rules. i said i don’t trust that and he promised me that was the situation, that nothing would happen and was respecting the boundary i set. we get upstairs and he starts talking about how hot i would be pregnant. he then proceeded to jerk off in front of me while continuing to talk about how he thinks about getting me pregnant constantly. he kept begging me to have sex with him. i said no. he continually attempted to take my clothes off. i kept saying no. at the end and i mean the very end he rolled me over and put himself inside me and finished, unprotected. afterwards, i called my friend who i was staying with so i could come back and she wasn’t answering because it was late at night and she was already asleep. rich said i couldn’t stay there. so i called hotels around new york city looking for a cheap room. i asked for the nearest subway and it was a 20 minute walk. without saying anything to him i left and cried in his lobby as he texted me “you okay”. i never replied. i left, went to a sketchy hotel in china town and processed it by myself. i left new york the next day and never spoke to rich again. i am a 30 year old woman in a relationship with someone currently. i have had several relationships with people that just simply did not work out and i still respect those people and would never make a false claim based on a relationship ending. i get nothing out of lying about this, in fact, it’s almost expected to receive ridicule when speaking about s*xual assa*lt. you can believe me or not, i genuinely don’t owe anyone anything and i’m not here to beg people to believe me.

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