Looking for new challenges for 2023

After an unsuccessful adventure in COWANA, where things turned out completely differently than they were supposed to, I am currently left without a team. I have to admit that 2022 is not a very happy year for me. This is the second organisation that, regardless of its plans, has had to close its esports section.

I hope that the coming year will turn things around. The period in COWANA was my first experience with an international team and it taught me a lot. I am still very motivated to help lead a project that will compete for trophies. I believe that 20 years of experience in the esports scene and Counter Strike mainly will help me achieve this goal. This game outside of work is still simply the biggest passion for me.

I am open to all suggestions. If you are interested in working with me, you can get in touch via my email ( mcybulski1987@gmail.com ) or private messages here on twitter.

Hope to see you on the server in 2023! ❤

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