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15th Dec 2022 from TwitLonger

I lost her. (about fream and myself)

Yo what up eggs,

I don't wanna make this too long but I know for some of yall this is fresh but for Fream and I we've been dealing with this for a while. Yes, we have gotten divorced. Now before speculation occurs, No neither of us cheated on each other and neither of us treated each other poorly and most importantly neither of us hate each other. To be honest, we love each other now as friends more than ever!

Fream and I have been together since we were 18 and we were pretty much forced to get married otherwise I would've had to leave Canada so our lives were all over the place and we never really got enough time to decide if it was the right choice or not. We deal with issues different ways and we express our love in different ways to such a high degree that as a relationship its just not really that compatible but as homies its all good.

What started off as a temporary break became longer and longer because we slowly started to realize how much happier we were as individuals. Fream and I have learned so much about ourselves and who we are over the past 3-4 months its actually crazy and I know we're both way better off like this.

Please I cannot stress this enough, Fream has been nothing but wonderful to me so please do not cause her any issues she's still my best friend.

A lot of y'all may have heard that I'm going on break but I'm not. Without yalls love and support this would have been so much harder and on my darkest days yall kept me comfort without you even knowing, but let me tell ya theres a reason why sometimes i go live for 24 hours+ yalls positivity and laughter and support have pulled me from the depths of despair time and time again and I'll always appreciate all of you who were there.

Also wanted to thank all of my non cc friends for being there and playing games offline with me and want to also thank my cc friends as well. Everyone at OTK thank you so much, yall give me passion and something to look forward to everyday and actually make me feel appreciated even when I think im just some unlikeable piece of shit. Otk is the best thing to ever happen to me and I truly mean that.

As much as I wanna continue typing to get all of this off my chest it kinda just makes me sad to talk more about to all of you because I hope you won't be disappointed or angry at me. But I know this is for the best for Fream and I and im excited to have gone through what we've gone through and still come out staying in each others lives.

Anyways, going live tomorrow, expecting people to come fuck with me but thats okay I get it. Now a new chapter begins.... I'm 28 years old Bald and Single.

Life bouta be rough OMEGALUL

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