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13th Dec 2022 from TwitLonger

Bifrost payment situation and offseason

Before I start I would like to mention that I dont want to put myself as a victim and only to represent my story to players/staff so they gonna be more careful later on.

So me and some players didn't get paid around last 3 months by Bifrost. Yesterday we got a confirmation that Bifrost wouldn't have any money to pay us and they're getting out from esports. They owe around 45 000 euro to players and staff members. We got promised till the very end that payment would come and we shouldn't worry about it. They even lied to us a couple of times that they actually sent a salary but nothing been received obviously. They also explained us that they never had a money that they promised to us and they expected to get a sponsors in future to cover it up. Probably It doesnt need to be told that they didn't found any sponsors...
I highly hope one day those things in esports would come to the end and it will get Riot attention cuz players and staff are the ones who is getting affected by it and those guys who is just failing up their business just getting out without any problems.

From my perspective it really affected me due to my situation since I was waiting for it. I also had to leave a country and now I'm with 0 in my pocket. This offseason happpened a lot of unfortunate things and it didn't meet my expectations but I will still try my best till very end and I want to prove myself no matter what is going on.

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