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13th Dec 2022 from TwitLonger

While Alliance and EG join SA casters are being offered no salary to cast div1

This is probably the dumbest thing I have done in a long long time but NGL I don't have much to lose and I also think this has to be known.

One would expect that last year results could only be a boost for SA opportunities (from orgs coming to the region, to better production for the casts and majors coming our way). Some of these things ended up happening but others are more dire than ever before. I can say with certainty that the region I have been dedicating the last 3 years of my life might not have a stream that lives up to its potential because the organizer for the SA ENG DPC won't be paying the casters to do it.

You want to have a host and a pannel ? (you better share that sweet sweet twitch ad revenue between all the thirsty talent cause that's all they are giving away "the rights of the broadcast").

You want to have anything close to a fair pay for the cast ? You probably should share the entirety of the season between your only passionate cocaster and hope that the bedroom cast attracts enough viewers to pay for lunch cause the obligations with Valve are now met and there's an english broadcast which mean things are fine and well.

Let me be clear in case my emotions got in the way. Instead of having an actual studio do the broadcast they have been offering the rights of the broadcast to amateur casters (without any payment) so that their obligations are met.

I could see div2 being sacked or being underpaid since that has been the case since forever but SA division 1 dota with teams like Alliance and EG playing on it whilst a bedroom broadcast shares that with the world is a sour joke that only SA can possibly come up with.

I want to be clear that I'm not a salty crybaby(maybe I am actually). I understand SA is a terrible region in terms of sponsorships and barely anyone made it work financially but I hear it often in this community also, that what matters (and should matter) for the game is good dota2. What did the region provide last year? Amazing games and dota. Great results in every major, arguably the best series of the whole International and if we ever got here it was by Valve believing in it. How can we get sponsors and reach that gap if the international community can't even watch their games with a propper broadcast?

How can we accurately portray and tell the stories of these players if no one is being fairly (or you know, paid at all) to learn and do that job? I'm not saying I have the answers for these problems but we should be aware of how the sausage is being made atm.

As I said I have a very little to win with this post and also even less to lose. I breathed SA dota for the past 3 years (I would guess I am the person that did the highest amount of english DPC matches/pannels ever and I was never considered for TI, things won't change course any time soon after sharing this). This post comes from a place of love for a region that had everything against it. No international eyes, no money, no scrims, no legacy, only passion.

We are way past surviving only on that.

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