Cerapad KIN - An aimcoach's opinion

A before christmas gift. A solution to many issues. A fierce competitor in an oversaturated market. When I heard I was getting the Cerapad KIN sent to me for free, I wasn't too sure of what I was going to receive.

But let's get back to the basics.

After more than a year of aimcoaching, many students asked me what pads are greats for aiming and performing ingame in general. I usually recommended what worked for me : cloth pads, with a decent amount of frictions.

When the Skypad became popular, I wanted to try it, but was a bit weirded out at the idea of a pad with so little friction, thus making it a disadvantage for some aiming forms such as clicktiming, static, and even smoothness because every single mistake would reverb on your aim.

And then, the perfect balance came out : the Cerapad KIN. Insanely smooth, while not offering any drawback on reactivity, the KIN offers just the right amount of friction for me to find it polyvalent and well-rounded. It's a fairly large pad, and of high quality.
The ceramic coating offers smoothness without a durability cost, making it a long lasting option in a market of mousepads ranging from 1-5 months before turning to mud.

The price might seem expensive, but if you are after a hardpad with enough friction to keep control and to work in any game, this one is for you and you won't have to switch off of it for as long as wanted. All you 'need' to do to make it fresh as new is to use a microfiber cloth to clean it, tho I didn't have any issues so far dust and/or sweat wise (but I sweat fairly little, so might be situationnal).

I tested it in Quake games, Valorant and CSGO, CODs-like games, Overwatch and finally Kovaak and Aimbeast.

Did not present any issue for those games, no matter how fast paced it got. I was able to beat ALL ( and I mean all ) of my highscores in aimtrainers, and still perform as good if not better in any game I played.
The pad, by offering a smooth and controlled feeling, suits my aim style and thus playstyle incredibly well ; I already talked about how important it is to have an aiming style accorded to your playstyle, and the KIN allows me to play for clean, smooth, plays and clutches while still offering the possibility to go for snappier flicks and clutches. An aimer's dream made true.
I had to test other pads from other companies, but ultimately find myself coming back to the Cerapad KIN every time. This is definitely a sa1nt approved piece of gear, and I can but advise for players to look out for any new products, or to get a KIN mousepad right now, a very high return on investment purchase.

Also, thanks a lot to TjExclusives' team for sending me two Cerapads, one got lost during shipping and without asking for it they sent me another free one (pad came without a single issue, well packaged). A solid, legit company making pads living up to our expectations, all around S+ tier.

A video will be coming out on this pad as soon as I get enough time to make one, but I wanted to express how truely wonderful and suiting this pad was for me and my playstyle.

- sa1nt

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