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5th Dec 2022 from TwitLonger

Free Agent - Coigl, Igl, or support. Reflecting on past and explaining C9

First off I wanna say how shitty of a situation this is. I feel 100% confident without ORG problems we would be sticking together. C9 Sponsorships were hit and had to dramatically cut back on their budget for 2023 cuz the economy. Also EA doesn't support the Esport at the level they need to and that effected it aswell. It had nothing to do with Apex and I know they had faith in us to build into something great just no resources to field a roster.

I feel like myself rocker and naughty offer the right tools for each other however we just didn't have a lot of time to work it out. We played about 5 months with rocker. 3 1/2~ months (probably a little bit more) were contested and the back month we swapped playing late to playing early and tried learning something brand new. Naughty and I struggled a lot with playing early since there was so much to learn with less than a month to practice it. We make a insane amount of micro mistakes, We set ourselves up for success extremely often and just fail to execute. That is the current thing holding us back now however with the placement today we no longer can qualify for this upcoming LAN. LAN kinda being out of the picture, holding each other back from solid contract opportunities is just silly, we are all great friends and want the best for each other.

With all of us being free agents now we thought its in our best interest to look for offers, Rocker is an incredible player who has more passion than people realize. Naughty is an absolute animal. If you provide him the tools he will single handedly win you tournaments. If we don't get new teams or opportunities we will end up playing together however I feel pretty confident we will all end up on our feet in the future though.

Reflecting on the past. I feel like I've learned so much through my apex career. Every iteration of rosters ive played on, Noko knoqd, inhumed, knoqd, alb, and rocker I've learned so much.
-The blow ups and freak outs you see a lot of igls have (including me) is just not healthy, There is better ways of dealing with it while still getting your point across as serious as you need it. I think it can be super counter intuitive to a team.
-I've learned that I value players that can play for themselves and understand their role clearly, It makes igling a lot easier when you can focus on yourself and your call while being confident your teammates are consistently making the right play.
-I learned that just cuz it seems better it may not always be and hard work always outdoes raw talent. We have seen more and more people in NA find success and majority of the time its the ranked grinders or the people grinding 8+ hours a day who just want it more than everyone else.
-I've learned that sometimes you're just unlucky, It genuinely does happen. When it does happen recognizing it and moving on right away cuz nothing you can do why dwell on it.
-I used to think that being friends with your teammates was most important so that you can work through anything buts kinda the opposite, I think if you find people who want it as bad as you doesn't matter if you know them or not, the drive to win and want to be the best version of themselves will make it work.

I've definitely matured a lot and excited for the future. I gotta work hard to earn a new spot and am looking forward to it. Going to be focusing on streaming and growing individually whether it be as a co igl, igl, or just support. Unfortunately for the reddit I am not quitting.

TLDR: Org has to release us cuz internal thing. Really felt like me rocker and naughty had the right tools for each other to succeed just not enough time and practice to get there, We are all free agents and we are looking for org opportunities. I've learned a lot over the years and am excited to work hard, find the right home, and win in the future. Nothing is more important than that.

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