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18th Nov 2022 from TwitLonger

Leaving Limitless / Free Agent

TL:DR - Left Limitless as the project trajectory looked longer than originally expected. Full time streaming until next opportunity comes around. LFT (next season) ECL

Hey guys, I'm writing this to let everyone know I have mutually terminated my contract with Limitless and I am now a free agent.

This decision wasn't an easy one and was something I was considering after last season, but did not act on. Truthfully, after Strife, I was very set on only wanting to join another top team in the region. I had a few ECL teams reach out to me, but every single one of them seemed to have 1-3 players who either needed to drastically develop or be replaced for that roster to really get to a higher level. This led me to wanting to do something on my own, building a "project roster", so that I could mold a roster how I would like it. Rather than having to make changes to an existing roster. I have always been the type of guy to not waste time, and after one opportunity, instantly move into the next. However, I think this project was a pretty quick and irrational decision in hindsight, and more importantly, one that I wasn't ready for. I was able to accomplish a lot on Strife and so any shortcomings on Limitless made me so much less patient. That is something I need to take with me and learn from to develop as a human, but it also was a harsh realization that I wasn't being fair with my teammates. They didn't have as much experience, they hadn't played "full time" on a team before, and I was pushing them likely a lot harder than they had ever experienced. This decision wasn't loss based or because we didn't make ECL, rather I realized we are much further out from the level we all wanted to get to, than I initially realized. I felt this season was ECL or bust, and so did the guys. But that actually isn't fair to them, because if I wasn't on the team, then they may run it back until they make it. So I was indirectly setting unfair expectations with selfish motive, and they deserve better than that!

With all of that being said, I do need to thank all the boys Adam, Josh, Matt, Max, and Kamron--you each did everything I asked of you and worked extremely hard while together. For that I cannot thank you enough. Overall, you 5 were some of the best teammates I've genuinely ever had and it is quite refreshing to play with some younger and inexperienced talent, and actually feel like NA has some guys headed in the right direction. To Sean, I appreciate what you were able to do as a coach for us. At first, you and I didn't have the most efficient way of helping one another, but as time went on we became a good duo, and I really enjoyed working with you! Lastly and honestly quite short, thank you to Ash (Valk3n) for all your contributions as an analyst. You are genuinely the best analyst I've ever had the pleasure working with and will have a very successful career, no doubt.

To Limitless, you guys are an unbelievably well run organization, especially for only being just over a year old. Graham, BigSyn, McCarthy, Barbee -- you guys are a very strong group of guys and your contributions to NA CS and Esports in general, will not go unnoticed. Literally the best organization I've ever been a part of and I wish you all the absolute best!

Moving forward, I will be streaming full time and waiting for a good opportunity to arrive. Everything you do in life should bring you a lesson and if there's one thing I definitely learned, it's that moving too quickly without giving your head some time to process things, doesn't have a high success rate. Any ECL teams interested in me can feel free to reach out via twitter / discord: stamina7792 - Obviously I am a career IGL, but I am open to any roles, even including awping... this gun is fucking EASY.

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