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16th Nov 2022 from TwitLonger

.@Bybit_Official x @esportalSE

Yesterday Esportal made a post ( about Bybit not honoring their deal and is refusing to pay out prize money/NFTs. We are the unfortunate winners and I want to clear things up from our POV.

We (me, Brollan, Wolfy, hns, Peppzor and Jackinho) are owed $25k USD in NFTs and @nomixcsgo $10k USD in NFTs from Bybit (and Esportal). (

Esportal is claiming that they did everything for months to get in touch with Bybit and get things sorted but I really doubt this. They gave us no information for months, I messaged the contacts we had been given several times, sometimes several times a week and they were never able answer any of our questions regarding when we would get our NFTs. After ~90 days I messaged Martin instead who apparently had no clue about what was going on and had no clue why no one had updated us during these 90 days.

Around 2 weeks ago we had a meeting with Martin from Esportal where he said that they will try contacting Bybit through their common partners and if that doesn't work they will take legal actions, where is that now? Afaik they have tried contacting Bybit through Astralis twice and through another partner once without success and all we get is a harmless newspost on the Esportal website? And on top of that, no social media presence?

We are all very disappointed with how Esportal have been dealing with this and obviously even more disappointed in Bybit. If Bybit continues to ignore and being unprofessional we feel like the prize money and making sure it gets paid out is Esportals responsibility as they are hosting the tournament. And if they can't cover it in full, at least some sort of compensation but it doesn't seem like they will do so which is why we feel like we have no other option than bringing light to this on social media.

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