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13th Nov 2022 from TwitLonger

TL/DR: I'm quitting RLCS coaching. I'll still be freelance coaching via Metafy. I might have some more projects lined up which I'll tell people about soon enough.

Long version if you care to read:

I never thought I'd be saying this, but after some time coaching in various regions, I've burnt out on RLCS and it's just not feasible for me to continue given my current lifestyle with RLCS, a full time job, several side projects and other IRL commitments.

I feel as though I've had success and been close to "making it" but never had the free time or wanted to take the risk to really push myself to where I wanted to be. I've had to hold back opportunities that would mean I have to leave my IRL job because I can't sacrifice 12+ years of hard work to chase a dream that might only last 3-6 months at best. I have also had to hold back opportunities in my IRL job to keep some of the free time I did have, so I could dedicate that to coaching.

I've coached RLCS main event in many different time zones; OCE, MENA and APAC, I've enjoyed every second of it but lately, the motivation for that has completely gone. I have tried to find success in EU and NA but just haven't had the luck, contacts or availability I would need to make it happen. I've had plenty of insanely good opportunities/tryouts but it's often come down to me just missing out or not being available enough due to my job. As stated above, this would mean giving up years of work, and be a huge risk to me.

I have enjoyed coaching every team I've been a part of and wish nothing but success to every player, manager, coach and more I've come across.

There's so many people I could thank, but I won't put a big list in here. If you are reading this and we've ever interacted, discussed coaching or you have helped me in any way, I really appreciate it and if I can ever help you, just reach out. If you had a big impact on my career you know who you are, and I'll probably have sent this tweet to you directly.

I will continue to coach on Metafy as that allows me to coach whenever I have availability. I also have some plans for the future to stay within Esports, so I can't wait to eventually share those with you.

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