My Graduation (kinda)

Hey everyone, this is I guess my official notice for my graduation.

I will be leaving graduating Secret Subject the vtuber on Dec 14th 2022.

A little bit of a clarification on the situation. I have been for a while now been unhappy with vtubing as Secret. It has been incredibly stressful on me and my emotional and physical health. Streaming has been a whirlwind experience but I feel like as Secret the Vtuber I have nothing left to give. So, as of Dec I will be retiring from Secret the Vtuber to focus on my main channel, voice acting and other secret projects.

Being a vtuber changed my life and I have been so grateful to be able to do this with the support from so many people over the year and a half I have been streaming. There have been some massive highs in my streaming such as being able to spread the word about hypnokink, becoming a partner in a year on twitch, making some amazing friends and having some great times. I'm sad to go but this is just something that needs to be done.

The main channel will continue as per normal with ASMR roleplays and hypnosis content and I will be using my upcoming lewd femdom model for patreon videos. The patreon will remain business as usual, erotic content and my audios will not be affected in any way. The things I will be closing are my Secret Vtuber and Ally T youtube channels and my Secret Subject Twitch.

You might occasionally see the Secret models from time to time in collabs with friends but I will no longer be solo streaming with them for now. Maybe things will change in the future but for right now this is how I feel and I have to acknowledge that my happiness and health must come first. This will also allow me to focus on making my NSFW content again, creating great ASMR and hypnosis audios, and allow me to go off and do some side projects that I have been thinking about for some time.

Twitter will remain open but as my account that focuses on hypnosis, ASMR, NSFW voice acting and posting my content as well as life updates and memes.

Thank you all for the support over the last year and I half, it’s been a wild ride.

XOXO Secret Subject

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