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1st Nov 2022 from TwitLonger

Dota season in review

As promised a twit longer after the end of Dota Season 2022. What a year it has been for us as an org this year, we reached the pinnacle of Valorant and Dota2. TI specifically was the dream that was always so close but so far for BOOM Esports. When I started BOOM Esports it was purely out of the passion that I have as an ‘Esports fan’ of CSGO and Dota2, in 5 years someway somehow we were able to become the only Asian org with CSGO stickers, a TI appearance, and a Valorant Champions appearance, I thank all of you guys who supported us from day one, and of course special shoutout to Fauzi and Ojan who have been with me since day one and supported me when times were hard.

Looking back on the year I have to thank everyone that I met this year through Dota2. My players who taught me what it’s like to be a tier 1 org, Coach/Mushi who shared with me so much experience and what he feels is a well run org, countless of talents, players, other CEO’s who gave me advice on how to take the next step in Esports. This was a pleasant surprise as I always heard that the Dota2 community is relatively toxic and everyone’s snobbish, etc. But what I experienced in our first majors and TI was that everyone is super welcoming and made me feel welcomed as a the ‘new’ kid on the block. Truly thank you for welcoming me/us this year, I had so much fun (most of you know I had so much / too much fun xD).

Moving forward as usual post TI there is a big shuffle period, we don’t know yet what we will do, who will stay, who will go. My wish is that we run it back, but as it is every year we find out that this might not be what is best for all parties involved. What is for sure is that as always the goal next year is to be better. I hope we have gained enough trust from all of you that whatever happens, next year we will field a roster that we believe is better than this year’s and will be very competitive. The goal is to finish at least top 8 in next year’s TI, taking a step closer to eventually winning TI.

I’m looking forward to next season so much, I am so excited to see how we will play, who will play (I’m hearing old faces coming back to the scene), what events will come up, what my peers’ lineups will be, and on an individual level to meet all of you again! Cheers to this year and I hope as always you guys keep on supporting us, I promise we won’t let you down!

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