26th Oct 2022 from TwitLonger

Misconceptions when it comes to my health

I've seen posts on forums/in my chat saying that my health conditions are limiting me from competing at "full strength" and so I want to put it out there that all of the health challenges/conditions that were seen in my RIOT documentary named "THE//BCJ" I have already faced and beaten. I am and have been in remission for the past 3+ years. Not even mentioning that I have been traveling for gaming competitions for over 4 years now. I even won my first LAN in 2018 (Fragadelphia 12 - Battalion 1944) while still talking to doctors to get fully diagnosed correctly. Currently I take medicine every 8 weeks for my health condition and that keeps me in a great shape and I get to live a completely normal life thanks to the amazing doctors and nurses I have gotten to know and love.

Some people in my chat have also said that I may be losing out on opportunities because of organizations/teams having concerns and while we may never know the truth behind that I have been looked at by a ton of teams going into next year and you guys should hear what is next for my career soon 👀.

It didn't even cross my mind when the documentary released that people would have these thoughts and so I'll take the blame for not clearing that up earlier for those worried about my conditions. My hope is that I can clear up this rumor going forward so that there is no concern or questions about it in the future. I'm here to play valorant at the highest level. See you guys next year.

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