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9th Oct 2022 from TwitLonger

Regarding our recent DQ from VCT Game Changers and everything else.

Hello everyone, I know you are all probably coming here to look for answers regarding the recent allegations and news that has come out with our disqualification from VCT.

To start, I would like to be upfront with our stance on the entire situation and it is that we do NOT deserve the disqualification and am 100% confident that we did not play with any third-party programs or cheat in tonight's games.

To summarize from the very beginning of this messy situation, we will begin with what happened with our previous teammate carosmacks. We found our finalized roster around a month ago, made up of amber (@AmberKittyUwU), jess (@ItzJessycuh), future (@Fuhtr_), caroline, and I sometime in September. We trained and practiced hard for hours almost every day, participating in other tournaments including Game Changers Academy and Sakura Cup. As VCT approached, we worked even harder and made efforts in making a good showing during the tournament; however, without our discretion, it had come to our attention that caro, also known as carosmacks, had been promoting racist and extremely inappropriate comments that we simply do not condone here at EQ cerise.

Eclectiq is an organization that does not condone such negative behaviors/conduct. We believe in fair and positive gameplay and interactions within the game changers community. Because of this, we as a unit decided to move on from the roster without her. Unfortunately, this meant that we needed a quick last-minute member to help us as we did not plan on having any issues from the very start. Luckily I had a friend (dsylexic) to help us out. We were planning on trialing them in as caro was planning on leaving after VCT due to her military-related commitments, so it seemed to be a perfect chance to try them out.

We forfeited the match against TSM-X as we did not have a tournament account ready for dsylexic to use and we were fully flexible with the situation. We were also prepared to forfeit the entire series because we were not sure if we would receive an account at all. Luckily riot reached out an hour before the lower bracket games were set to start and we were ready to go.

Our games began around 6PM EST with our pick bans and we jumped into our games against CLG RED. We lost the first map on Haven 7-13, won the second map on Bind 13-8, and won our third map on Pearl 13-8. If you would like to see how each of our players on the team performed individually, the games are recorded publically on our VLR profiles. I would also like to mention that throughout these games today, our communications were all recorded through teamspeak/by admins as per required for VCT.

We have also played the first few games of VCT this week without dsylexic and were able to show our ability into the top 24 teams with our original roster. Furthermore, alongside with the recorded communications of all our matches, we also have video evidence of every single kill and death dsylexic had throughout every single game and scrim we have had with them. We plan on releasing a compilation of all of these clips publically and also to send them to riot for further analyzation.

To continue on, I would like to explain the REAL reason why dsylexic got banned today during the deciding pearl match. Prior to them joining our team as a replacement, they queued with someone who WAS unfortunately using third-party cheats to gain an advantage during competitive matches. This person admitted to using cheats to dxylexic in which these dms are linked as well. The time and date that dsylexic got banned on the tournament client correspond directly with the date and time their main-server account got banned, on which they played with the aforementioned cheater. Additionally, I have 60 ranked matches recorded with dsylexic in competitive and if dsylexic truly was banned for cheating, I would have been banned as well (and I have not been affected). A screenshot of this has been attached and antiRIVER is the cheater in discussion.

Many people have been saying it is impossible to get banned for queueing with a player who is abusing third-party programs, however, I have personally been banned for the same exact reason a couple months prior to the start of my competitive career, earlier this year. Screenshots of emails between riot and I are included as well as the screenshot of me being actively banned from the game for further proof.

As a final note to close this out, I would like to emphasize that we do not condone cheating nor do we support people who think cheating is okay. We were completely unaware and feel like we have been completely blindsided by how things have been transpiring these past two days. We are conducting an investigation ourselves with dsylexic and searching through anything they could have on their computer that may have triggered the Vanguard Anti-Cheat. And I would like to remind everyone that we here at EQ Cerise are humans as well. Please be conscious about how the things you are saying to us are affecting us and it hurts me deeply to see the community we considered home to be so harsh and indignant about the events of tonight.

link to all of the screenshots mentioned ->

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