With the news being out, I want to thank ORWBL and everyone involved for allowing us to join the league with open arms. This team held a much deeper meaning than just wiffle, it represented my family and paid homage to my parents restaurant. This team was all we had left to connect us back to that and it sucks to see it have to fold and close our doors again. To my guys that stuck around and the few guests we have had for tourneys, you guys have made being a manager so fun. In the few years we were a team we got respect and became an established name, but people move and life changes.

I want to give a huge shoutout to shupe and Garrett, you guys were there when the idea came to light and to win the first tournament we ever played in brought a giant smile to my moms face! Shupe helped run the team and was the brain behind everything and for that I owe him everything! You guys made driving back every weekend so worth it!

With that, we will back for tourneys and who knows, could be a league team again who knows. Till then it will always be #HoldDees

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