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6th Oct 2022 from TwitLonger

Thank You, #FinestFAM 💙

#FinestFAM, It is with a heavy heart, but after nearly two years of successful esports operations and building up of the Finest brand and community, we are shutting down our professional esports operations.

This was not something we foresaw happening a couple of weeks back but rather one that was forced on us after key investors backed out of making further investments into the company. This was all due to macro-economic situations the world is presently facing and the fact that owning an esports team is still a very speculative investment.

We want to thank our teams who have all worked very hard and made real concrete steps forward in establishing the Finest brand.
The achievements and successes we’ve enjoyed as a team are all due to your collective hard work and we want to thank them and appreciate all the efforts and hard work very much.
We deeply apologize for this unfortunate ending and want to also thank our loyal fans who supported us from day one on our journey.
However, we are not giving up just yet and Finest is looking to continue operating within the gaming and esport industries and will pivot into technologies, products, and services.

Stay tuned...

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