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3rd Oct 2022 from TwitLonger

Not to worry anyone, this is just me talking a little about taking more time off

I did not initially plan the extra days off.
I simply HAD to take Tuesday off, since I get a big furniture delivery & then spontaneously decided to take Monday off as well.
Since Subathon, if any successful, is going to keep me streaming non stop for a few days at least.

I feel like lately, I should take days off more often. I find myself auto-piloting my days away, with my thoughts always occupied with streaming & while I find it to not be a big issue, YET!
I feel like this is asking for burnout to come around.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE streaming more than anything else & find myself WANTING to have a day off, just for the sake of it, but when I do have that day off, I can't help but want to go live anyway!
It brings me so much joy & serotonin that I am afraid I am becoming a little dependent on all of this.
Tho lately, because of this, I have this anxiety of: "What if I wake up one day & don't want to anymore? What if suddenly, I find myself groaning at the thought of having to hit that Live button?
What if it no longer gives me my much needed dose of daily serotonin & I feel non different after stream?"
I feel like this is where having some time off, just for a day or two a week, is far healthier than having to take long extended stream hiatuses/ breaks!
I don't want to ever not want to stream, so I rather take a day, maybe two a week off, in hopes that I will always keep finding myself wanting to get back to streaming as quickly as possible!
Always looking forward to the next stream due to having energy to spare & stories to tell!
So, with that being said, I absolutely want to take a minimum once a week day off, no matter what! Stick to that! & potentially add a second day here & there! Especially when I have nothing of much quality to do!
So moving forward, after Subathon, I will always, no matter what, rest for at least one day a week & occasionally throw in another day off.
Those are going to be just whatever days really, sometimes those two days might even be back to back! But never the weekend (if avoidable of course! LUL)

I hope everyone understands! I find it hard to put into words as to why I want days off despite it bringing me more Joy than anything in the world right now.
It is just the fear that overdoing it would lead to burn out & ruining it all forever, rather than keeping things healthy with time to wind down so I can always want to keep doing what I am doing
without fearing that one day I may have overdone it & flipped that switch forever...

-Thank you so much for everything you have done for me! I cannot express how happy & absolutely blessed I am to have this be the most of my worries!

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