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25th Sep 2022 from TwitLonger

My final statement

I would first like to respond to the recorded call from last week that was aired on stream (09/22/2022). I was not offered the opportunity to represent myself on that call and thus what I said and my intentions on that day in question (07/06/2021) were misrepresented. I have already spoken my truth on my stream (09/19/2022), but in light of the false allegations brought upon me, I feel the need to speak it again. I do not want to engage in nuke wars. I do not want to play games. I will only speak to my own intentions and actions that day.

I did not go to the house that day with the intention of manipulating Adrianah’s story. I did not cover up sexual assault. This would not be possible as even Adrianah did not consider the incident to be sexual assault until this past Monday (09/19/2022), as she said on her stream. Adrianah’s feelings regarding the situation have rightfully changed since that day and I support her. On that day (07/06/2021), I was only able to operate off of the information that was given to me by Adrianah and the eyewitnesses at that time. That information was that there was no rape or sexual assault, but that CrazySlick made Adrianah uncomfortable. I supported Adrianah in sharing this. I did ask about her experience and I did go there with the intention of understanding the truth of the incident that occurred at the party in January of 2020. At the time, I thought this was the right thing to do. I fully understand that it was wrong, given my position, to insert myself into that situation. I apologize for the power dynamic and the harm it might have caused. It was irresponsible for me to not remove myself from the situation and I take full accountability for making this mistake. I am deeply disappointed in my judgment and choices and I am deeply sorry to Adrianah for my involvement.

I never intended for my status to influence Adrianah. I would never knowingly protect a predator, and I would never threaten or discourage a victim from speaking out about their experiences.

I absolutely condemn the actions of CrazySlick. I have privately apologized to Adrianah and will publicly apologize again: I am truly sorry for Adrianah’s experience with CrazySlick and for the experiences of the other women who have shared their stories. I am sorry and I feel horrible for being part of the reason that Adrianah has experienced everything that she has in the past year. I am sorry that this has become a nauseating “he said” “she said'' battle.

I have remained in this industry because I have always seen streaming as a means to an end — the end being a powerful platform for conservation education. For those of you who are still willing to support my platform, thank you. For those of you unwilling, I understand. I am stepping away from my online platforms indefinitely. I’m sorry. Thank you all for reading.

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