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25th Sep 2022 from TwitLonger

My Statement:

There’s been a lot of drama this week and I’ve got some explaining to do.

I’d like to start by apologizing for misleading my community with the tweet I posted about “not being selected” for Orlando. This was unfair to HCS, 343 and my fellow casters, and brought on a lot of unnecessary flak that I didn’t intend. Truth is, 343 and I have been on rocky ground for some time now. In May, all my direct ties to 343 were severed. I’m no longer an HCS caster, no longer part of HCS Grassroots, Forerunners, everything.

As you can probably tell, I’m pretty passionate about Halo and this community. I took this news pretty hard and for months I’ve had difficulty understanding and accepting that (for now at least) it's time for me to move in a different direction. I’ve only ever wanted to learn from and bring value to all these teams, and I’m grateful I had the opportunity to work with them. But, it's clear in some ways I’ve failed to do this and needed to learn some lessons.

As far as Tashi’s tweets implying I’m a “safety risk”, this was very misleading. But, I can understand and respect that Tashi was just doing what he felt he needed to do to clap back for my (also) insincere twitter post, and there’s some valuable lessons I needed to learn here as well. In May, 343 informed me that there had been complaints about me from women in the community, but they’ve made no attempt to request for my comments on any claims against me, nor did they give me any information whatsoever on these claims.

This news was of course shocking and devastating to me. I’m confident that anyone who truly knows me would know that I would never cause harm to anyone. After months of silent anxiety (playing an embarrassing game of detective) I believe I’ve discovered that the source of this drama is unfortunately due to a messy breakup I had with someone I began seeing last October. Without sharing too many details of my private life, I was looking for a relationship and she wasn’t and this led to a misunderstanding at HCS Raleigh, where she felt disrespected. I sincerely apologized, but tried too hard to salvage a friendship, when I should have just moved on. I’ve done everything I could to make peace with this situation. We stopped interacting in February.

Unfortunately she has been sharing our private, out-of-context dm’s to other women in the community, and eventually escalated things to 343. Considering my relationship with 343 was already rocky at the time, they decided the best course of action would be to cut ties instead of requesting for my side of the story. As far as I’m aware, I am not banned from events, I just no longer work for HCS.

Regarding ANY other rumors about me - I have NO idea what this is in reference to. If I’ve ever somehow made anyone uncomfortable I sincerely apologize. At this point I’ve shared way more than I’d like to, beyond this I hope you can respect my privacy.

While it's been a tough time for me, I love Halo and this community way too much to give up on being a part of it. In many ways I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve had and lessons I’ve learned, this taught me things about myself I needed to know to become the best person I can be.

Time to pivot. Going to be shifting my focus more to live streaming and content creation and I’m honestly pretty excited about this. I don’t plan to stop casting completely, I’m just no longer working with HCS. Honestly they have an incredible team as it is, Orlando has been SO hype.

If you enjoy my work and want to continue supporting me, I sincerely appreciate you. If not, I understand and wish you the best.

Now let's FINALLY have a watch party. I plan to go live later today :)

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