Paul ひ · @HyperR6S

19th Sep 2022 from TwitLonger

A step back

I will be taking a break from siege and stepping back this stage. Before this stage has started I felt super unmotivated to play the game and just burnt out in general, scrimming 6 6-6 maps a day just got me bored of siege in all honesty after a couple of stages. So I was hoping that once we started practicing for this stage that my passion would come back but unfortunately it did not, I tried just forcing myself to play through it even though I wasn't interested in playing the game at that time. I have been playing comp for 4 years now with almost no breaks and making almost every major I could on DZ and I just think a break is due for me. I don't want to get into extreme detail because it isn't my place to tell everyone specifics on the situation but recently a close family member of mine has suffered life changing injuries and it also plays a part in why I want to go home and be with family at the moment. I have no intentions of completely leaving the scene as I do see myself coming back in the near future. I do feel like I fucked my team over this stage and to them I apologize, I let them know almost immediately after our first game that I was unmotivated to play but I told them that if they wanted me to I would play the stage out with them while they looked for my replacement for SI. I don't want to make this too long because it's just unnecessary but just to clear things up I have no bad blood with DarkZero, they are a phenomenal organization with amazing staff and great players, I have no regrets staying with them for this long and wish them the best of luck going forward, they are all extremely hard working individuals that deserve success in upcoming events.

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