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12th Jun 2021 from TwitLonger

starting my onlyfans:

Okay the title is a joke, but another day another "drama", although this is the dumbest one to date as it really shouldn't be a 'drama' but it is.

Recently there has been a lot of people willingly spreading "dox" information that is claimed to be about me or my family. I think this is disgusting and harmful and should never be done in any capacity. Spreading potential information about someone's family is horrible, and not to mention is against basically every single sites terms of service. I've seen commentary channels show full names and addresses under the guise of "it's news" which again is just disgusting and those people should be publicly shamed and reported for even thinking about doing something like that.

I've had people spread fake pictures of me, whether they be photoshopped to be with people 'close to me' like Sapnap (as if we've taken even a single photo) or deliberately planned in a way to appear as believable as possible. Including saying things like "they were found on his moms/dads facebook" when neither of my parents even have facebook and that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard, as if I wouldn't tell my parents to remove pictures of me. Things like using a photo of Karl facetiming me he posted to say "look how big he is!" when the photo is literally just another photo of Karl that we photoshopped, which is extra funny. Obviously no one is going to or can fact check these things so it's just touted as fact regardless of how ridiculous it sounds. This started a long time ago and I made a pastebin about it, as it was something being perpetuated along with lots of horrible things by someone who used to be close with me. I don't want to bring it up again, as that was months ago and I don't want unnecessary attention on it.

The people saying these things are people with ill intentions with the purpose of "forcing me to face reveal" to prove I'm not 'ugly', as there's 'no other way'. They're the same people who have attempted to harass my family and friends for months because of how "manipulative and horrible" I am for "cheating in a block game". Spreading things about me having "kids locked up in my basement", which is disgusting for a million reasons, and it's Florida they're not even smart enough to realize no one has basements. Or other things about "wishing I'm a pedo" which is equally as disgusting.

On another note, as someone who has gone through weight problems in their life (I was a homeschooled gamer, no surprise there), I think it's disgusting to see people fatshame and ridicule a random person just because they "could be Dream!!". I've been fairly open about the fact that I eat fairly specific and healthy things, and the reason for that is because I sit inside doing nothing 99% of the time. I've been like that for a few years. I would be incredibly unhealthy if I wasn't strict with my diet. Sapnap dropped 70 pounds in a couple months after moving in with me because he started eating healthy food and being a skater boi (lmao). (He gave me permission to say that, and good for him he looks fucking amazing and did before as well). I don't think that anyone should be ridiculed for their looks, and anyone that does that is a piece of shit human being. I will say that it's pretty funny seeing people who hate me spread these things and get more and more frustrated as people who watch me don't give a flying fuck, I play Minecraft with my friends, not model on playboy.

Also, all the creators saying "dream's fan base is so horrible for doing this", get your facts straight before you look like an absolute idiot. I haven't seen a single fan of mine spread or even give the time of day to any of the bs. It's only people who despise me and think it's some kind of win to say "dream might be fat! LOL!". Felt the need to defend my fans completely on that front.

I'm not going to let anyone "force me into doing a face reveal", especially not by expecting me to be offended by being compared to a guy that is bigger than me. At the end of the day, who the hell cares? I've been "fat" at certain points in my life, who gives a shit? I've said for a very long time that I plan to do a face reveal at a meet and greet type of event, something I've said for over a year, and something that hasn't been possible due to covid. I've recently actually been planning this though and will definitely have announcements regarding it soon, so I'm looking forward to that :) Also, thanks for the added mystery to it all, now even the people who don't like me will care about it, and hopefully feel humbled when they realize how ugly they actually are on the inside (lmao)

Anyway, I just felt the need to say something due to how ridiculous the whole situation is, and how willing people are to "dox" people and put people in danger just because they "don't like them". Just to reassure people who may be feeling upset with themselves or insecure after seeing all the hate recently: you are amazing and if you are happy with how you look that's all that matters. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You are beautiful!

End note; I'm just a normal looking guy and I've never claimed otherwise. If someone calls me "hot" it's not because of my "god like facial structure and beauty" no one even knows what I look like. it's because I'm good at block game and have a massive green dump truck that even your mom likes ;) https://i.redd.it/fvbset0bwn061.jpg

love u guys keep being awesome :)

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