Wilbur Soot · @WilburSoot

16th Nov 2020 from TwitLonger

Regarding the DreamSMP Finale

Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed the finale and hope it was a satisfiying ending for you all! ❤️

I spent a long time writing this election arc and the ending went perfectly thanks to everyone on the SMP and the audience, creating hype and art around it.
The execution of the characters that every streamer played was exactly how it went in my head and I'm so impressed and excited for the future!

However, I'm gonna be stepping down as the writer of the roleplay "story" of the server for a bit.
I've got some big plans on my personal content and I want to make sure I can dedicate as much time to it as possible! I absolutely loved writing the Election/Rebellion arc and can't wait to see what the members of the SMP will do during my absense

Thank you to everyone for watching! I'll be back soon!


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