Friends of Virginia Beach Animals

Here are some reminders, please add your own tips in the comments, we are a community who assist each other!

We are happy to help pets and families reunite through posting, but here are some helpful hints to remind us all:
1.) Keep current tags on your pet at all times (even if they are microchipped). A pet gets home quicker if it has tags with a current phone number!!
2.) Microchip your pet - it's painless and inexpensive
3.) Search immediately - pets can travel so the earlier you are walking the area the better!
4.) Don't rely on the Internet - pets get home when their families have feet on the ground searching.
5.) Don't rely on calling a shelter - GO, GO, GO to your local municipal shelter (and neighboring city shelters) in person and often. This is critical!
6.) We can't say enough about signs - they WORK - large, bright simple signs that people can see when driving. You can't have too many posters/signs!
7.) Get the word out immediately through the neighborhood in which your pet went missing (and surrounding neighborhoods). Have the civic league contact send out an email blast with your pet's picture.
8.) Put a LOST pet ad on Craigslist AND your local newspaper. Both are free.
9.) Get a search party together and arm volunteers with flyers, signs, tape, and plastic sleeves for posting and passing out while searching.
10.) Sometimes, humane traps work - especially when there have been sightings.
11.) Most importantly DON"T give up! It can take a lot of work to bring a pet home but your family member is worth it! We have seen pets reunited months after they went missing and sometimes in different cities.