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3rd Apr 2019 from TwitLonger

Hey, my name is Gabe or TheStormyKingdra and I don't know how to say this, but I will try my best. These past few days have been extremely hard for me, a lot of things got turned on their head and honestly I don't know how to express my emotions.

Anyway to the point, last year around early february I was invited to a server that was known as "The Primetime Server". There I met a community, people who I love and are absolutely amazing but sadly I made some mistakes. From the first time I joined call I was quiet and nervous but later that changed. Shortly as I grew closer to these people the closer I got to one person in particular. Besides the calls at night with the group TheKingNappy messaged me to the side. From the beginning I had a strange feeling and a feeling that I ignored. As time went on I could tell that it was blatant flirting, at this point I had never been in a relationship of any sort but I knew what was going on. One night it got more serious when he messaged me asking me about my sexuality, at this time I was questioning it and so I told him that I was bi. He then told me that he was as well but not to tell anyone. He then later proceeded to tell me that I was gay and that usually people have a leaning of some sort and that turns into your sexuality. Again I was still confused and questioning it at the time and I was 16 he was 25 but he insisted I was gay.

We continued to speak in Dm's and I made the mistake of allowing for it to continue. Surely enough things escalated and eventually we started to call and became even closer and this is when I knew what his intentions were. I made a mistake and eventually it led to something that I regret. About a year ago we officially started "dating" and for the next few months it continued. Going back I feel horrible for the way I allowed this to continue and it is hard for me to confront this issue because I still hold blame upon myself. Regardless, this continued and content from flirtation to even talk about me visiting him were thrown left and right. To be completely candid this started because I idolized him and so many of the others in this community and I wanted to be friends with them. Part of it was because I felt accepted and loved and genuinely happy by everyone but I see now that he took advantage. During this time we also discussed what has already been brought to light. I asked him about Luke and Callum and he told me that he did have feelings for Luke but the more important factor was Callum. He told me that he did have feelings for Callum and it was more than just a friendship. I don't have screenshots concerning this but it was more than what he stated it was.

I was unhappy with everything as this progressed, I spent nights crying and blaming myself for a countless number of things and one day I left. I left all of my friends and left the community I loved. I was happier, with being around irl people and not having this "relationship" to burden me. For a while I was able to refrain from coming back but I missed the other people I interacted with and the overall atmosphere and so one night I came back. This year I came back and reconnected with old friends but with that also came the reconnection of the relationship. Luckily the second time it did not last long. I was still lost, confused and struggling with my own issues and he took advantage of that both times. Looking back I reciprocated the feelings, that is true and again I made that mistake but I also think I was taken Advantage of. Feelings developed because he coerced them to and I am ashamed of it. Of course it came of my own volition and that’s is where I am disappointed and dissatisfied in myself. I felt like I had people who I could confide in, a community and I did not want to lose it. I would like to be clear that he came to me, not the other way around. While writing this message I am scared and worried of the repercussions but I know it is the right thing. When he lied and hurt so many people in the process I did not know what to do. And that was what I told him when he confronted me about it. I was so conflicted and spent a couple of sleepless nights wondering what I should do.

I decided to confide in some friends and from there I have worked up the courage to come forward today, I thank you all for that. I could not sit Idly by and watch as people who did not deserve hate had their names dragged through the mud and I had to prevent this from happening ever again. This issue is more than a habit it's a pattern, and a pattern that cannot be repeated by him or ANYONE ELSE.

I want to tell the truth and allow for people to really understand the actions that have gone on behind closed doors. It was in no way ok that this happened and people shouldn't have to suffer from his actions. As a 17 year old boy I have to acknowledge that what has gone on is heinous. I may have said yes and may not have said no but regardless of the fact I was 16. It may only have been less than a year since now but through this year I have been able to mature and see this fault. I do although want to make it perfectly clear that we are not dating anymore. There are so many more details and instances but for the sake of my own well being I wanted to keep it brief.

To the people surrounding this controversy and even those who watched it I want to apologize. I have no Ill will to any of you but I had to talk about this so that I could continue on with my life. I could not just remain silent while I watched others suffer. I want to apologize to all those I might of hurt or disappointed. I still feel disappointed in myself, I am scared and will continue to feel scared. Reflecting has been hard but necessary and now that I have had the time to do so all I would like to say is I'm sorry.

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