2nd Apr 2019 from TwitLonger

To new a journey =D

To start I would just like to thank the San Francisco Shock and all the fans for the support I received throughout season 1 and even season 2 :D. The Shock grew so much and we all really became a close brotherhood and I will miss seeing everyone everyday! There's no question this team will be a top 3 team in the league this season and I wish the Shock the best of luck. Brett and Andy were awesome people to be working for and some of the coolest guys I've met and it's so dope to see how much Shock and NRG has grown since I've joined. I'm no doubt going to be saying farewell to my former teammates in person but I'll just write a little something / my thoughts about everyone on the team.

~ Coaching staff/management ~

You guys are insane. Crusty, junkbuck, and NineK work so damn hard together to not only give individual feedback but, also prep for whatever team we would face. Crusty thank you for giving me a chance in stage 4 again after I didn't play and letting me pop off, if the meta was better and we didn't have the best Zarya in the league (sinatraa) I'm sure you would have made good use of my skills! Junkbuck dude, you came into the Shock in dark times loooool but, you were the start to what is the new Shock so you should be proud of that. Ninek your individual feedback especially when I was going through a slump or stuck was great and helped me become a way better dps player. All 3 of these dudes could be headcoaches for teams easily. Chris you are like the lowkey team dad keeping everyone in check and keeping a good balance for the players keep up the work doggy.


Sinatraa - You're a god my dude it was a pleasure playing with you / watching you play. An absolute freak at overwatch and I know you will win that trophy one day and that's on dads brother.

Super - When I watch you know and see how much your personality has grown it makes me proud like I have a son LOL. Keep grinding brother and don't ever stop being alpha.

Rascal - NO THANKS FUK U. DUUUUUUUDE. I'm gonna miss doing funny shit with you all day LOL. Hopefully one day we will be on a team together again you're one of the most fun people to play with.

Choi - BOBAKING, thanks for duoing with me everyday, keep working hard and eating gravs bro!!

Architect - I will miss you bro dudeee. Keep your head up and never stop grinding. Any team would be lucky to have you play for them and one day I hope you reach your goal of being the faker of overwatch.

Sleepy - Your hanzo is nutty dog LOL. Keep grinding you're probably the best NA flex support in the game right now doggy.

Striker - Kingsalmone dudeeee. Your aim is insane and with experience I know you will be a very good hitscan.

Nevix - buddy you have played every role in the game I don't know how you do it and still be so damn good. You work hard as hell and it shows man.

Smurf - Your hilarious bro and your english is so good. Even if you don't start a lot of teams would need a player like you. Keep learning from the coaching staff and you will be a god bro.

Violet - you will be better than jjonak dude. mom boom.

Moth - You're so toxic dude. JK haha, you're one of the most consistent players on the team and ever since we picked you up in s1 you popped off.

I'll see you all at the Arena I love you guys !!!

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