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2nd Apr 2019 from TwitLonger

LFT EU/NA as a player (DPS/flex supp)

I haven’t been coaching with Uprising Academy since shortly after our match vs Fusion University, and I’ve been taking some time to think over what I want to do next since then.

I’ve decided to look for a team as a player again following my month-long stint as an assistant coach. During my time spent coaching it didn’t take long for me to realise I still really desired to compete in Overwatch and that I just needed a break rather than to move on all-together.

I’ve been competing in Overwatch for over 2 years (since January 2017) without a single significant break or holiday. I feel that over time all the ups and downs had been very wearing on my motivation and psyche in terms of confidence etc, but I didn’t realise this at the time so when it came to having an opportunity to coach whilst not currently playing on a team I felt it was my only option left when instead I could’ve just taken a short break. I didn’t think of taking a break at the time as that was something that has never crossed my mind while playing competitive OW for fear of falling behind/becoming washed up etc.

Still, I’m glad I tried coaching as firstly I learnt I’m not ready to move into that field because I’m not done being a player (in OW or other games even) but also I learnt a lot being on a team from a coaches perspective, learning more about the game, individual roles/heroes and how to improve both as a player and as a team. Everyone on Uprising Academy were great to hang around with and learn from, and I’ll miss them but I’ll keep supporting them of course.

To frame my experience coaching it was a good use of time spent away from competing as an active player that taught me a lot, with the most important thing learnt being that I want to compete again. I just have too much of a desire to play again in tournaments and LANs and eventually make it to OWL, and having spent some time away from playing I feel more confident in myself again and more motivated and positive about looking for a team to start working my way back up.

With that said I’m LFT Open Div/Trials/Contenders both EU/NA as a Hitscan DPS but I’m also willing to try out other roles (e.g. flex DPS/Support) Discord: MikeyA#5463

(I started writing a twitlonger when I joined Uprising Academy talking about my time/experiences in OW and what led to me choosing to become a coach but it was already very long before I even finished it so I decided not to post it, and of course I’m glad now that I didn’t lol. Maybe another time.)

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