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2nd Apr 2019 from TwitLonger

Jamie - My side of the story

So as many of you know , I recently made allegations against MudkipMama aka Jamie regarding her being a pedophile . While I’ve posted screenshot evidence for myself and another along with evidence of her admitting to know the age gap , I also want to give context to all of this . Believe me if you will I suppose but here’s the story .

So rewind to around I’d say early january 2016 , I had seen a request for a 6th in Jamie’s ow crew on twitter and obviously being a fan I wanted to play . We played it was fun I guess and I joined her discord server and nothing was really abnormal . I’d continue to be active for a few weeks and then I had an incident regarding bad depression and was sent to the hospital . I had been talking to Cole about it (One of her close friends) and he alerted her . I came back after around a week and Jamie had been dming me about it and we got quite a bit closer . She would ask me frequently to hang out and I was always around . She’d ask me to stay up with her for movie nights despite me having school I’d oblige and she just always wanted me around . Around this time I’d say it was like late January she’d started getting overly sexual with me in DM . Unfortunately I no longer have access to the messages as since I’ve tried to expose her before I deleted everything not knowing I’d ever need them again .

Anyway , she was very sexual with me all the time
and called me her girlfriend on a few occasions only over voice to my knowledge . At the time I went with it because I looked up to her and enjoyed her company not realizing just how wrong this all was . I was very naive .

I’d say a good two weeks later the Glod incident happened , Glod was a server mod and clearly had something with Jamie . One night , Glod wasn’t responding to Jamie and she freaked out a little bit . We learned the next morning that glod’s parents had found out and he was promptly banned indefinitely from the internet . His twitter @Glodhog is still empty to this day and I’m unsure if he has any internet access . This is what caused the MudkipMama rebrand , she nuked her discord and showed me these

Third picture is my dm with Jamie where she admits the age difference , she then blocked me and got rid of me because she couldn’t have another child who could be a skeleton in her closet . It let me in a situation where those who wanted to get away from her didn’t want anything to do with me for a time , and Jamie’s crew didn’t want me either . This is why I sent the apology message to Jamie as seen in her twitlonger . I was hurt and confused and didn’t know what to do .

I tried to expose Jamie’s actions and it was promptly ignored , so it was brought up to Nappy and Twit . They told us that “they talked to her” when in reality it’s clear nothing was done .

I want to end with pleaing to believe victims , I can say first hand that this shit absolutely destroys you and these people cannot be allowed to freely do things like this .

Love you guys so much , sorry this may have been a tad jumbled I’m tired and drained from all this . Thank you so much for your support 💜

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