So I feel like I need to go into more detail about my personal experience as I've seen a few people try to downplay what happened because I was 18, so I'll explain exactly what had happened and let you make your own decision.

During my first trip to PAX in 2015 I was invited to go to Las Vegas afterwards with Luke, Nappy, Jamie, Twit and CuddleofDeath. I thought it sounded great was grateful that Nappy had offered to pay for the flights and hotel.

We got there and pretty much immediately she started making sexual "jokes" towards me which didn't bother me to begin with because I thought they were just bad jokes. But she just kept doing it over and over, and kept trying to get me to let her give me a blowjob. Again I just thought they were bad jokes so I'd just say "no" and try to laugh it off, it made me more and more uncomfortable everytime it happened though. Since I was trying to enjoy the vacation and not upset anyone didn't make a big deal out of it. She then tried to get other people to pressure me into it, (at one point on a phone call to her husband she told him to convince me to let her do it etc.) this was a running thing for the first few days there.

One of the nights we were drinking and playing monopoly and while we were sat there she sent me the DMs shown in this tweet This was AFTER I'd said no multiple times and again you can see in my single reply I try to play it off since I don't want to ruin the trip for anyone. Those DMs also show that she wasn't JUST making bad jokes and there was serious intent behind the constant pressure that was being put on me.

Additionally one of the nights we were drinking (might have been the same one as the DMs but I can't remember for sure) I went to the bathroom and as I went to join everyone else again in the main living room of the hotel she stepped in front of me, closed the door leading to where the group was so I couldn't go through and tried to kiss me. I pulled away as soon as I could and as far as I can remember it was never mentioned again. Me being young I just played it off again in my mind like "I guess some people just do that, idk". It was less frequent toward the end of the trip after I ignored the second DM, I assume she either realised how gross she was being or got bored of it since she knew she wouldn't get anything out of me.

She has also gone after people younger than I was in this situation, so this creepiness wasn't a one time thing

The point of this post is to give a little more clarification, but mostly to stress how important consent is. You have every right to say no and have that be the end of it. My personal issue wasn't too bad in the grand scheme of things but it does serve as a good vehicle to deliver the message of fuck anyone that can't take no for an answer, male or female.

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