My story

My name is Tori, at this time in my life I went by mysticalraynebow.
In January 2016 I had a well known friend in Pokemon community named Billy (aka SonicBrawler, or as he's known now: @_Mizumi) He manipulated and abused me in order to solicit nudes from me. Billy was 18 years of age at the time. During this time, I had been dating Luke (@LukeyLukeSSB). This had happened at night where all 3 of us had been in a call. Luke had left to go to bed and we stayed and talked. We had started discussing sexual topics, in which in the end he had sent me a lewd picture of himself. He had me promise had to send one back. (He was well aware I was underage and dating Luke). After I saw, it I immediately regretted the situation, I profusely apologized and did not want to send one. However, he had made me promise to send one back. When I had said I didn't want to anymore he said I had to or it wasn't fair. If I wasn't going to do it, he said he would tell Luke. So in the end, I sent him a nude picture of myself. I made sure he promised not to tell a single soul, but when I woke up the next morning, that hadn't been the case. Billy ended up telling one of the people who was extremely close to me, Jared ( @Babypowdahh ). Billy was not nearly as close, there was no reason to go to him about it. (I have no reason to believe that Billy told Jared for any other reason than to cause me pain.) At this point, Jared knew, and Luke had known prior to me telling anybody. Once I told Luke, he took action to block Billy, I did too at first. In the end Luke had decided to stay with me and give me a second chance. This thoroughly infuriated Billy. He was so angry that he lost Luke as a friend, but I hadn't. So Billy started finding ways to manipulate the situation. He went as far to make a second Twitch AND Twitter (@ShinySquirtle64) account to be apart of Luke and I's lives. He also had messaged my friend Jerry ( @Jerry0ak ) and told him I had blocked him. He had made it so Jerry would message me and ask me what was going on. I had a few close friends at this time and Jerry was another one of them, he was not close with Jerry. He was now involved in some drama he knew nothing about. So to preserve my friendship with Jerry and to make sure he didn't find out about the situation, I made the decision to unblock Billy. In turn, I had to start talking to him again. Luke really hated I still talked to him, and I did to, but back then, I felt like I had to or things would get worse. There were even times he threatened to kill himself to me. I cannot remember the entire thing, I've tried my best to block it out and disassociate from the event so I'm sorry if any details are slightly wrong or some events out of order. I know Billy had eventually wanted to stop talking to me yet still found emotional comfort in me. I just know in the end, In my eyes I had been made the bad guy and lost 2 very amazing people in my life to this. I've been so so lucky enough to have both of their support and support of many many others. Without the confidence Stephanie (@tokkiibb) and Felicity (@AttackonSylveon) gave me I absolutely would've left this back in time and still 100% would believe i was the one at fault. It took too many people to explain to me I WAS THE ONE getting manipulated and that I WAS THE VICTIM. Thank you to Steph, Felicity, Luke, Brady, Jared, Jerry, Cain for the support on coming out with this.

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