Lights Out! (The Team) is Disbanding

Lights Out! (the team, not the org) will be disbanding, as both Mikey and Ajay have let me know that they can no longer play competitive RL.

For Mikey, it was the fact that he’s graduating college and will begin working his job come summer. With the commute he’ll have to make, competitive RL was no longer a possibility for him to put in the hours without huge sacrifice.

For Ajay, who’s also in college, he had to quit to focus on his education and future career. At a age where he is close to graduating, the economics of a career in RL as a bubble player, even as an RLRS player, were not viable over a career with a computer science degree.

As for Vandrey, he was at an age where he had to focus on college admissions, and was facing personal issues related to competition anxiety. This is not to demean him in anyway, as I had the exact same issues at his age when I was pursuing competitive soccer. The constant stress, coupled with the up and down nature of RL, demands so incredibly much from you, and Vandrey was struggling. I commend him for quitting and focusing on the more important parts of his life.

Now at this point, it obviously pains me to say that I’ve lost my all of my teammates, but I’d like to say a huge thank you to Vandrey, Mikey, and especially Ajay, who I’ve known for years, for their effort, dedication, and consistent effort through our many ups and downs. It takes guts to walk away from something that was your whole life and your main priority. Playing RL was a way of life. We had so many good times together, and truly, it was a pleasure to work with each of you.

For me, I'll stay on the grind. I'm extremely privileged to have a 40-hr a week, full-time job with a 7-minute commute. With me and my wife's combined income, I'm easily allowed to pursue RL as a hobby, without it getting in the way of my career, paying the bills or even early retirement. Because of my stable job situation, I can give more and for much longer. I'll be staying with the org and will be returning to content creation, to really build the life that I want, so that I can eventually go full-time in this game. That's my dream. As for teammates, I'm sure I'll figure something out soon.

Thanks again to my guys. Love you all, and I'm proud of the work we did together. You'll always have a home at Lights Out!.

- Kevpert

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