Neil Murphy · @NeiL_Mcs

28th Mar 2019 from TwitLonger

Stepping down from xkom.

My very short time comes to an end. It's not anyone in x-kom or any people in the team fault i just didn't feel it was right for me at all. x-kom has a very good background & they have a bright future for sure.

My heart just wasn't in this team and there was problems with the squad before i even came in. After my Vici experience i shouldn't of accepted another job like this.

I brought my honesty to the org saying i would rather step down now rather then sit for money and they understood my decision.

After Copenhagen Games i will search for a new team going forward. I'm up for a new project or any teams who're looking for a coach. I will only accept a English speaking team. You can reach out to my email or DM

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