Tarzaned · @LoLTarzaned

27th Mar 2019 from TwitLonger

Secret Korean Account

Well, I got kinda bored so I played on an account secretly which finally got banned after finally a week.

Got to master with 80% win rate (36-9) from unranked pretty much all solo in two days.
Peaked at ~470 lp (top 50 at the time).

Went on huge loss streak (matchmaking is inbalanced) and had the same kid sell items level 1 and run down mid 2 games in a row.

Got tilted and started playing bad but whatever.
Glad I could reach top 50 on the Korean server in pretty much a week.

Here's the account for anyone wondering -
I recorded a lot of videos (about 14) that I will be uploading to my Youtube channel (didn't meet Tarzan but I did meet Faker).

I tried.

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