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22nd Mar 2019 from TwitLonger

Update Regarding Rogue CS:GO

To all of the loyal Rogue fans:

I regret to inform you that we will be dissolving our Rogue CS:GO team.

Last week, following our successful campaign to secure a spot in the ECS Season 7 Finals, MSL and Niko were approached with an opportunity to go home to Denmark and form a new Danish roster. This is a familiar predicament for our CS:GO team, as something similar happened six months ago when cadiaN went home to Denmark after a strong showing with us at the FACEIT Major.

Losing MSL and Niko would mean another long rebuild after just completing our previous one. After much deliberation, we determined that we could not spend another six months rebuilding the roster again, especially with the ESL Pro League roster lock less than a week away. With these issues, as well as interest in our remaining North American players, there was no easy way for us to salvage the existing roster.

We are extremely disappointed that we will not be able to fulfill our duties to EPL and ECS. Following StarLadder Season 7 (March 30 - April 7), Rogue CS:GO will officially be dissolved. We hope to re-enter the CS:GO scene at some point in the future.

We would like to thank the fans for their support and the many great players that have been a part of this adventure.

Thank you.

Rogue Frank,
President and Founder

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