22nd Mar 2019 from TwitLonger

Thanks Django & Tchanos

Yo !

Those last 3 weeks have been pretty rough for us in terms of work, internal issues and decisions.
That's why i'm here writing this down.

We under performed at LouvardGame 4.1 and can't deny it. Some of us were overconfident and the group stages were exhausting because of how many games we had to play but that wasn't the main problem.
We were prepared for the event but our playstyle (not much adaptation and heavily based on strat) did hit it's limit. We knew based on scrims that we needed to play way more freely and to care more about adaptation, this bad showing just confirmed it.
That's why we picked up Hirox some time ago and Blwd more recently, to be able to play more freely.

Back from LouvardGame we started to work in order to change our playstyle and be ready for the Gamers Assembly. Unfortunately time and scrims went by and we couldn't find our marks, something was just not clicking. We tried to swap operators/roles and discussed about it but there was nothing we could do. This line up wasn't meant to play this way.
We were stuck, motivation started to drop and team spirit deteriorated. We needed to make a move otherwise the team would have exploded.

Even though we don't have much time left before the event we decided to part ways with Django and Tchanos. We believe that it will help us regain motivation/confidence and that their replacements will allow us to play the way we want to.

This choice wasn't easy to make but was necessary. Django and Tchanos have been there since the beginning last august and they've been hard working since then. Of course I want to thank them for it and wish them good luck for the future !

I'll be announcing our new players pretty soon and i'm excited about it !

Stay tuned ! 👀

Cya soon !


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