Statement on Evil Geniuses vs and Administration

We’d like to briefly shed some light on the situation today in which DreamHack standards of tournament administration were not upheld and we take responsibility for this. For the sake of transparency and integrity of the competition we’d like to share the situation. This occurred today in the EG vs VP series.

During the draft of Game 2 a VP player took off his headset and asked an admin about going to the bathroom. After the draft finished, before the game start, the admin allowed the player to do so. This was a decision our admin took on the judgment that the EG team couldn't be heard on the VP player’s walking path as the admin walked with the player. While this is not outright a violation of our rules, it is inappropriate and can be distracting for players so we will make sure this sort of situation does not arise in the future. Our rules will be updated to better address different playing circumstances and setups.

Before the Game 3 draft began, a time for the start of the draft was communicated to both the teams. The draft began on the scheduled time while three VP players were still outside for a break. In this case the players entered and walked by the EG team who were already drafting, the DreamHack administration team were at fault here in that we did not properly confirm all players had returned before the draft began.

In both cases we are confident the integrity of the tournament and matches were upheld and unaffected, and neither team were directly advantaged or disadvantaged by information being provided, nonetheless this was not up to par, and we apologize to the teams impacted.

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