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18th Mar 2019 from TwitLonger

What actually happened at Collision

So as you may or may not know, I'm the guy in the crowd that said "He's gonna jump!" There's a LOT of misinformation coming from EVERYONE, including Leffen, reddit (obviously), jims on Twitter, commentators at the event, etc. so I'm going to clear everything up as objectively as I can.

First of all, the flare blitz thing is unrelated (different situation) and wasn't an issue at all. Nobody who was there, including his opponent, cared because it wasn't coaching or anything.

Here is exactly what happened. Wishes is a close friend of mine, so obviously me and much of Tristate were getting loud for him. For the whole set, the cheering was normal and unrelated e.g "LETS GO MINECRAFT GOD". By the time it was game 5, Marss was visibly distraught from the cheering, as he was popping off between stocks and when he hit Wishes. He was already in a bad mental state. Then, Marss was at ledge against Wishes' Charizard. I said "HES GONNA JUMP" as a shitpost, since Wishes was clearly fishing for a jump. This kind of cheering is done at just about any Tristate tournament, but Marss wasn't used to it.

After I made the cheer twice, Marss jumped out of his chair (lol), turned to me, and screamed "That's coaching bitch!" From there, I ENTIRELY stopped cheering out of respect. However, after a few seconds he lost his stock to getting upthrown - NOT because he jumped - and ONLY ONCE HE LOST THE STOCK raged, screamed and stormed off like a lunatic, making everyone in the venue uncomfortable (which is plenty enough to get a non-top player kicked out of a venue).

So, no, it was not coaching. Saying that's coaching is like telling someone on a math test that the answer to 2+2 is cum. Completely unrelated, was not used.

Now that the actual story is there, let me dispel some really dumb myths and clear other stuff up:

- Almost the entire venue was in favor of Wishes winning the set and me not being kicked out
- Marss clearly used that cheer as an excuse to complain about Tristate's OD cheering (most people who were present agreed)
- Marss made myself and others feel unsafe and uncomfortable, but since we're not babies, we got over it without trying to win a free set
- If it had been some random player instead of Marss, this wouldn't be a discussion. He would have just lost the set, nobody would care.
- Wishes had absolutely nothing to do with this. The kid just wanted to win
- I asked the TO to kick me out and ban me from future Collisions rather than punish Wishes, but he did not agree
- Don't disrespect the TO, not his fault. He was present but running losers bracket. He did an incredible job
- Final verdict was that I got kicked out of the main venue, and they replayed where they left off, which is still extremely unfair to Wishes
- Again, I did not """"coach"""" any other time, and as soon as Marss oh-so-politely asked me to stop, I stopped
- If Wishes wanted to coach in the middle of a game, he wouldn't be dumb enough to ask someone in the crowd to scream it. If I wanted to coach Wishes in the middle of a game, I wouldn't be dumb enough to make this mess. After all, our IQs are high enough to be Minecraft gods.
- Because of the ruling, people will absolutely be saying "HES GONNA JUMP" whenever their friend is about to lose, because then he just gets to replay the set for free :)
- Justin's a super nice kid. Marss is probably a great guy and loved friend outside the game. RJ is a god who makes awesome events. I'm a lovable retard. Stop sending people death threats you virgins

End of the day, it's my fault for saying something that would make a baby cry, and Marss' fault for being said baby. TO handled it the best he could, Wishes was just playing the game, crowd is hype.

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