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18th Mar 2019 from TwitLonger

My Mythic Dilemma

Hi everyone who is a fan of mythic and/or supports our streams. I dont expect everyone to understand, like, or support me and the way i convey myself. I also dont expect everyone to know what im going through in my personal life either. Nor do i expect anyone to understand how i feel about counter strike, or even competitive gaming for that matter. Nevertheless, i feel as though i need to air this out. Im not hear to win anyone over or make excuses so ill keep it short.

Lately ive noticed a lot of long time viewers/subs who have been unhappy with the way interact with my team when we play. I can see why they do not like the way i conduct myself within the team during matches. I have been unhappy, rude and dismissive within the team for some time now. But i dont see the game the way you do. I dont play the game the way you do. Counter Strike isnt something that is just for fun to me. Its something ive known for half of my life. I pursued my passion at trying to be the best at a game before there was even money involved and that passion will always be apart of me. That drive to win... to succeed not only as an individual, but also as a team. This means im just as hard on my teammates as i am on myself. Anyone who has watched my streams during matches knows the second i make a mistake because i call myself an idiot, stupid, ect. I dont talk like that to my teammates but im not afraid to tell them what i think is right. We dont always have to agree, but without an open dialogue, you can not improve and i expect the same in return from my teammates. And unfortunately for my teammates and viewers, becoming the IGL has only compounded the issues. Ive just been very unhappy, not just from the team but also in my personal life, and it shows.

This leads me to the reason for this post. I want to know what the mythic community thinks. I propose a vote. If yall dont want me in mythic, i understand. Ive given my word to fl0m that i would stick with team for as long as they want me in the team. But i need to know what the community thinks. If people dont enjoy my presence, then that needs to be taken into account.


I hope everyone has a wonderful night.

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